Digital Noise Reduction Plugin for SDRSharp

A new digital noise reduction plugin for SDRSharp has been released. It is packaged as part of the SDRSharp binaries. Head to the SDRSharp downloads page, and download and use the automated installer for rtl-sdr under the heading “Important note for RTL-SDR users”.

Then in SDRSharp, simply click “Enabled” in the Digital Noise Reduction plugin window and adjust the slider until you get good results. In testing I found significant improvements in noise reduction.

SDRSharp Noise Reduction Plugin


  1. bojan

    Is it possible to have plugin that will eliminate sound noise when listening to taxi station? So when taxi transmits sound all is OK, but when it is on idle, I have to listen to the noise…

    • admin

      I think what you want is the Squelch feature. It’s not a plugin, it’s a basic feature built into SDR#. Check the squelch box in the top left under the Filter Bandwidth setting, and adjust the squelch level until the static is muted, but the voice is not.

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