Discone Vs. Homemade Collinear for ADS-B

YouTube user nerdsville shows a signal reception comparison of his discone antenna and his home made 1090 MHz tuned ADS-B collinear antenna in this video. The collinear antenna shows a dramatic improvement over the discone.

ADS-B is a broadcast system which can be used to track aircraft like a radar. More information about rtl-sdr and ADS-B here.

Demonstrating performance of home made 1090MHz ADS-B collinear

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I honestly cant see how this is right. Ive tried this myself and built a tuned coco antenna corectly built etc etc…same cables, reciever etc and my commercial discone works 10x better. Not only that its broadband so i dont have to change antennas to listen to something other the adsb.


Thanks for the link, currently in the process of making an how-to-video but I did post on my blog including the link to the original plans I used.