Home Made Coat Hanger Discone

Reddit user soooooil has posted a series of images showing his home made Discone antenna made out of wire coat hangers and designed for a minimum frequency of 130MHz. His thread discussing the Discone is here.

A Discone is a good general antenna for the rtl-sdr as they are extremely wideband, and can be expected to be useful over almost the entire frequency range that is tuneable by the the rtl-sdr.

Another page on a home made Discone also designed for a minimum of 130MHz is here with some brief instructions links to design calculators.

Homemade Wire Coat Hanger Discone


  1. Gomez

    Wow, just look at all those shorted turns! I wonder why commercial discones don’t have the circular wire tying together the ends of all the radials? Hmmm….

    • Tehrasha

      Cheaper, easier for anyone to construct, less weight, and much easier to disassemble for shipping.
      But mainly because it doesnt make a noticeable difference in performance.
      The ideal discone would be a solid sheet metal disc and cone, but its not worth the trouble.

  2. Ferdinand

    I enjoy high-end wideband and broadband antennas every morning with my breakfast soup. My favorite antenna is the raspberry oats discone.

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