SDR# Plugins: Frequency Manager Updated and New RDS Logger Plugin

Recently the commonly used frequency manager plugin for SDR# was updated to version 1.6. The latest version can be downloaded from The updates are as follows:

  • The Frequency Description is now displayed in the upper-right corner of the spectrum analyzer, along with the indicator for multiple database entries for that frequency.
  • As a result of moving the above information to the spectrum analyzer, the Frequency Manager panel is now 35% smaller.
  • The Clipboard Monitor now optionally watches the clipboard for frequencies you might have copied from the internet; and if that can be converted to a MHz value it tunes the radio to that frequency.
  • Function Keys F1-F10 can now be used to tune to a preset frequency.


  • A new Minimum Signal Strength Line is displayed on the spectrum display.  This, along with real-time display of the current signal’s strength when the scanner is running, let you see at a glance how that signal compares to your scanner settings.  In addition you can use customize the line with one of 6 line patterns.
  • Current Signal Strength in dB is displayed in the upper right corner of the spectrum analyzer, just after the Frequency Description.
  • Timeout and Watchdog timers’ indicators are now displayed in the upper right corner of the spectrum analyzer.

Also, on the SDR# Yahoo group discussion mailing list user Andy Pritchard has released a beta version of his new RDS Data Logger plugin for SDR#. This plugin can be used to log Radio Data System (RDS) data on a single frequency or on multiple frequencies by using the scan function. It can be a very useful tool for FM DXers. The plugin is still in beta but can be downloaded now directly from Later versions may be released on the SDR# Yahoo group.

RDS Data Logger SDR# Plugin
RDS Data Logger SDR# Plugin
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Is this plugin still active somewhere? I can’t find any of download sites for it.


Download RDS Data Logger Beta16 for SDRSharp v1330:
Download RDS Data Logger Beta17 for SDRSharp v1427+: