The SDRSharp ListenInfo Plugin

SDR# is a popular software defined radio program that is compatible with RTL-SDR, Airspy and several other SDR devices. One feature is the ability for third parties to develop plugins for the software.

One recently released plugin that is gaining popularity is the "ListenInfo" plugin. The ListenInfo plugin uses a publicly available database of shortwave stations to display frequency station info for the LW, MW, SW bands within the SDR# spectrum display.

If you've ever been browsing the shortwave bands and wondered where a station is broadcasting from, and what it's transit power, beam direction and transmit schedule are like, then this will be a very useful plugin for you.

SDR# ListenInfo Plugin
SDR# ListenInfo Plugin
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Hi from Algeria
i recently bought one of your dongles and i’m happy with it
i got a bit surprised to see someone our there receiving my country’s broadcast xD
a plugin to identify SW stations, that’s cool, i thought i need that, sadely i’m on linux and even struggle to make SDR++ work bc i don’t have harware accel and opengl doesn’t run for me.
i’m using gqrx for now.


Great sdr plugin!! I would expect (and hope) they will expand this to include other options such as HFGC, aviation etc..


File name: ‘Microsoft.VisualBasic.Core,
for me


It works very well: