New SDR# Plugin: Toolbar Menu Plugin

Eddie Mac has just released another useful plugin for SDR# called "Toolbar Plugin". This is an accessibility improvement plugin that simply puts many of the plugin controls on the SDR# toolbar. This eliminates the need to constantly open and close plugin panels on the left.

The plugin includes controls for setting the demodulation mode, changing the FFT display settings, a direct frequency entry text box, frequency stepper buttons, an SNR level meter, squelch controls, analog/digital preset buttons, screen grabber controls, and time slot selectors for the TETRA decoder plugin. The analog/digital preset buttons are quite interesting as they allow you to set presets for either analog or digital signals. For example for a digital signal you could set the preset to use NFM demodulation, and to launch the DSD+ application automatically.

More information about this and Eddie's other plugins can be found on his site, and on this forum post.

Some toolbar plugin selections.
Some toolbar plugin selections.
Analog/Digital Preset Settings
Analog/Digital Preset Settings
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hello i can’t get it to work with airspy..the download link is correct? it seems to be for sdruno …. thanks!


The owner said that he will not continue on developing it as well as he will delete it from his page. Everything due to negative posts to him. I understand. But… is there somebody who have this in his instalation folder that could post it somewhere? Its discontinued but still could be useful.


innteresting plugin, the SNR meter is interesting acurate.