List of all SDRSharp Plugins from

Vasilli, an SDR# plugins programmer has released a list of all his available SDR# plugins on his website (in Russian, use Google translate). Some even which were missing from our own list. The ones we hadn’t seen yet were:

  1. MPX Output plugin. Allows programs like RDS Spy to work with the audio output from SDR#
  2. Aviation band 8.33 calculator. Automatically converts the current frequency input to an aviation one according to the standard 8.33 kHz channel spacing.
  3. Frequency Lock. Simply locks the frequency change settings in SDR# to prevent accidental changes.
  4. SDR Update Script. Not a plugin, but a script that automatically updates SDR# and installs most of Vasilli’s plugins all at once. To use this script, it must be placed in a subdirectory of the SDR# folder.

Here’s an example video of SDR# running the MPX plugin so that RDS Spy can be used.

SDR # RDS Spy using MPX plugin by Vasili


  1. Roger Mazgon

    Could you guy have a spectrum analyzer made as a plugin for sdr sharp please.I want to monitor my transmit bandwidth signal.

  2. David Wilson

    Thanks for your great plug-ins.
    1. Bug regarding the FM MPX Spectrum plug-in: It wrongly displays the spectrum when AirSpy/SDR# is set for Decimation 64 (125 khz ).
    2. Also it would be nicer if the frequency scale used normal labels like 10, 20, 30, etc. kHz rather than 19, 38, 57, etc. kHz as your plug-in is being used for purposes other than FM broadcast.

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