Fork of SDR# with Added Features

Recently an reader wrote in to let us know about a fork of SDR# written by “Gubo682” which has some added features. Note you will need to be a member of the SDR# Yahoo group to access the download page linked above. The added features and changes to SDR# are

Frequency Manager
– Names show up in spectrum
– Scan button for simple scanning through current group
– Selected group remembered after restart
– Adding new entry: group defaults to current group
– Simple DMR support (see Tips)
– SHIFT click (or SHIFT ENTER) will select according relais input frequency for 2m/70cm

Spectrum Display
– When dragging spectrum left/right, holding SHIFT will keep frequency constant

Waterfall Display
– With the new HF [Radio Freqeuency]/AF [Audio Frequency] button waterfall can be switched to AF. Cursor will be annotated with AF frequency.
– Splitter position (hopefully) restored properly after restart

– AF recording pauses if squelch closed

DX Cluster Plugin
– Displays DX cluster stations in the spectrum
– Displays currently on-air SW radio stations in spectrum (data from

In addition there is also now a notch filter with adjustable bandwidth which can be applied by right clicking in the new AF (Audio Frequency) mode of the waterfall.

To use with the RTL-SDR, you will need to download the file, run install.bat and then manually un-comment the line in the SDRSharp.exe.config text file and then copy over rtlsdr.dll and libusb-1.0.dll from an SDR# installation that was installed using the Quickstart guide method.

You can follow the development of this modified SDR# on the SDRSharp Yahoo group, and specifically in this Yahoo Groups thread.

Modified "Gubo682" SDR# showing DX Cluster Frequency Names, Audio Spectrum and Notch Filter.
Modified “Gubo682” SDR# showing DX Cluster Frequency Names, Audio Spectrum and Notch Filter.
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