Mile Kokotov’s SDR Overview and Dynamic Range Explanation

Mile Kokotov (Z33T) has been working on creating an overview page of some of the most popular software defined radios and software applications. In the past we’ve featured Mile’s videos several times on our blog and his page ties all the videos together nicely with text. On his page he briefly reviews the different types of RTL-SDR dongles as well as the Airpsy and SDRplay.

One very useful page he’s put together is his explanation of the “dynamic range” concept, which is probably the most important characteristic when it comes to a radio. According to Miles description dynamic range measures the ability of a radio to “receive very weak and very strong signals at the same time, without overloading”. His page also explains how decimation in software can help improve the dynamic range without needing to improve the hardware.

Mile’s page is not yet 100% finished, so we advise you to keep an eye on it for new information.

Explaining dBFS (decibels relative to full scale)
Explaining dBFS (decibels relative to full scale)
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