Remote Spectrum Monitoring Drone with OpenWebRX, Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR

Recently Zoltan of wrote in to us to show us how he combined efforts with András (programmer of the OpenWebRX software) to create a proof of concept remote spectrum monitoring drone. The drone uses an RTL-SDR connected to a Raspberry Pi, and the Raspberry Pi runs an OpenWebRX server which broadcasts the radio data via 4G mobile internet. The full connection flow chart goes as follows:

[Drone] Antenna –> RTL-SDR –> RPi 2 –> OpenWebRX Server –> 4G mobile net –> … Internet … [Notebook] –> 4G mobile net –> Browser with OpenWebRX client

Zoltan writes that some possible applications include emergency communications, ham radio, 3D spectrum mapping, etc. In the future he also hopes to add TX capabilities, so that the drone can also work a a makeshift transceiver tower. The biggest limitation that Zoltan noted is the flight time of only about 10 minutes. However, a solution he suggests for future experiments is using wire powered drones.

In previous posts we showed Hak5’s remote RTL-SDR ADS-B drone. Their results were not particularly great, however Zoltan and András’ results seem to be much better.

The video below shows an example of Zoltan and András’ drone experiments.

Remote Spectrum Analyzer Drone With OpenWebRX using RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi

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