New Raspberry PI Remote RTL-SDR GUI Software: MNM4SDR

Recently reader Slaven Krilic wrote in to use to announce his project called MNM4SDR which stands for Monitoring Network Manager for RTL-SDR. The software allows you to set up a remote Raspberry PI embedded computer with an RTL-SDR dongle attached and access it remotely through a Windows PC GUI.

Unlike other server software such as rtl_tcp, raw IQ data is not sent over the network. Instead audio is first compressed in lossless FLAC or OGG formats. This allows you to use much slower network or internet connections. The software also allows you to collected RF scans over a large bandwidth in a similar way to rtl_power.

The software works over an SSH connection and requires that you have RTL-SDR and VLC set up on your Rasperry Pi first.

MNM4SDR: Monitoring Network Manager for RTL-SDR
MNM4SDR: Monitoring Network Manager for RTL-SDR
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I tried to install the windows program, but unfortunately I got the error message 2203. I habe Win7 Prof version. Do you have any idea how to solve my problem?

Best regards



Sorry the late reply, but in my limited MNM4SDR testing, I found out that it is essential that you have the SQL Express installed on your client computer. Also I’m guessing there are some issues with your locale in your Windows setup. For instance when I set mine to Norwegian, it crashes right away, but if I change it to English it works right away. I know for instance that number formatting, commas, etc.
Just my two cents 🙂

Unfortunately, I can’t find any further development on this great concept and software.