RFNM End of December Update

The RFNM is an upcoming software defined radio that will have eight 12-bit ADCs, up to 612 MHz real time bandwidth, and two DACs for transmitting with up to 153 MHz bandwidth.

The standard board will support tuning from 600 - 7200 MHz, with tuning expanded down to 10 MHz available via an RFFC2071A mixer daughterboard called Granita or Lime tuner daughterboard. The board also has an onboard VSPA DSP processor, as well as built in ARM CPU cores, and a 16 GFLOPS GPU all of which can help process the massive bandwidth, as that full live bandwidth will be very difficult to transfer and use on a PC.

Recently the RFNM team posted their End of December update, noting that they are currently testing revision 2 of their motherboard with revision 3 to be the production version. They also note that the Lime daughter board is ready for manufacturing, but the Granita daughterboard will be delayed until April. Everything else is estimated to be ready to ship by March.

The board has also now been redesigned to have a heatsink and fan. And they have managed to implement a Quadrature Error Correction kernel in their VSPA DSP processor. Finally, they are also drafting a plan to ship power calibrated daughterboards.

The latest rev 2 of the RFNM Motherboard
The latest rev 2 of the RFNM Motherboard
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unscramble words

Awesome update! Excited for the RFNM release. The expanded tuning and added processing power sound like game-changers. March can’t come soon enough!


please send production samples to the well known SDR developers for driver support.