Tech Minds: A Beginners Guide to the HackRF and Portapack with Mayhem Firmware

In one of his latest videos Matt from the Tech Minds YouTube channel has created a beginners guide to the HackRF and Portapack with the Mayhem Firmware. The HackRF is a popular affordable software defined radio with wide frequency range and transmit capabilities. An addon called the Portapack allows the HackRF to go portable, and custom firmware called 'Mayhem' significantly expands it's capabilities.

Matt uses a Chinese HackRF and Portapack clone set from Banggood which can be found very cheaply for around $200 shipped. The original Portpack can be found from the Sharebrained store for $200, and then original HackRF can be found form various resellers listed on the greatscottgadgets website.

In the video Matt unboxes the Portapack, shows an overview of the hardware and then goes on to show how to update the stock firmware to the Mayhem firmware. He then demonstrates a few of the capabilities of the Mayhem firmware.

Beginner's Guide To The HackRF & Portapak With Mayhem

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