SDRplay RSP1A Reviews from Other Sites

Moments ago we posted our own review of the RSP1A. But other radio bloggers, YouTubers and websites have also recently released reviews. Below is a summary of those other reviews.

SWLing Post Blog

In his post on the blog Thomas has nothing but positive words for the RSP1A, an excerpt reads:

But what of this SDR’s performance? In a nutshell: as of today, I’d contend that the RSP1A will simply be the best SDR value on the market. End of story. There is nothing I know in the $99 price bracket that can beat it.

In his post NNF gives a quick review of the new unit from the perspective of an average user. He notes that spurious signals that were visible on HF with the RSP1 as now gone, at that the RSP1A is on par with the RSP2, if not better.


Here the author of compares his RSP1A with the RSP1 and RSP2. He notes better sensitivity with the RSP1A compared to the RSP1, but comparable performance with the RSP1A vs the RSP2. He has also uploaded a video demonstrating a comparison between the RSP1 and RSP1A.

Over on YouTube user (aka Pascal Villeneuve VA2PV) has uploaded an interview that he did with Jon Hudson of SDRplay. The interview discusses the RSP1A product as well as the development around it.

NEW SDRplay RSP1A 14 bit SDR receiver - Interview with Jon Hudson

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SDRPlay are slowly learning how to build radios. AirSpy were years ahead with R2, now they can’t be reached with the HF+. A bit humiliating to finally admit how POS are the RSP’s.


Airspy is years ahead? That is what they tell you.
Fact: the rf part of Airspy is a direct coppy of the cheap RTL-SDR dongles (circuit and layout!). The ADC is different.
The dongles have been on the market now for almost a decade. Yes, that is years ahead.