Showing how the R820T stops receiving at 1.4 GHz+ with increasing temperature

Over on YouTube RTL-SDR experimenter Adam 9A4QV has uploaded a video showing how the R820T dongle can fail to receive properly at frequencies above about 1.4 GHz as the temperature in the dongle rises. This is a known problem that may cause issues when trying to receive satellite signals like Inmarsat at 1.541450 GHz. In our own tests, the R820T2 chip appears to be much less prone to this behaviour when compared with the R820T, but still fails if the ambient temperature gets too hot, for example if left in direct sunlight. We’ve had several R820T2 RTL-SDR’s running at 1.5 GHz+ for over 48 hours when left in the shade, but not one R820T ran for more than a few minutes at those frequencies. Of course the E4000 tuner is the best RTL-SDR tuner for these GHz level frequencies, but that tuner is now rare and expensive.

Over on Reddit, some people have been discussing this issue, and have proposed that the likely cause is related to the PLL failing to lock properly at higher temperatures. A fix may be to apply a blob of solder to the vias underneath the R820T chip, and then attach a heatsink. The problem also does not occur on the Airspy, a higher performance SDR that also uses the R820T2 chip in its design. This may be due to better drivers for the Airspy, or better heat dissipation in the Airspy’s hardware design.

R820T stop receiving @ higher frequencies

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