Demo of a New R820T Driver with extra Gain, Decimation and IF Filter Adjustments

Over on YouTube user mm6dos has uploaded a video showing a new driver he helped develop for the R820T tuner which is used in the most commonly purchased RTL-SDR dongles. He writes:

A short demonstration of a new non-gpl RTL2832U / R820T driver specifically written for SDR#. The R820T tuner actually contains a configurable IF filter and 3 separate gain stages. Unfortunately Osmocom’s implementation has fixed this filter and one of the gain stages. Aliasing and overloading is significantly reduced using this driver.

Currently we don’t have a source for the download of this driver, but we assume that it will be released soon. The videos below show the driver in action, with the first video showing the IF filter adjustments and the second video showing the software decimation feature.


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Richard Koch

Very nice. The SDR# work with the R820T seems to go in hand with the fact that AirSpy also uses the R820T tuner. I wonder what the every 7.5Khz spike artifacts in the 10 Meter demo could be attributed to?