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Raspberry Pi Docker Images for ADS-B and ACARS with the RTL-SDR

Docker is a Linux based platform which allows you to build and deploy complex applications into a self contained “container” package that contains all the needed applications and dependencies. The container is completely preconfigured to just work as soon as you install the application without the need for any extra configuration.

Over on his blog SysRun has been developing an ADS-B ready docker image for use with the RTL-SDR on a Raspberry Pi embedded computer. His post shows how he prepared and built the docker image on the Pi and how to run the docker image.

In addition he has also uploaded another post showing how to prepare, build and run an ACARS decoding based docker image on the Raspberry Pi.

In the future SysRun also hopes to upload an AIS Docker tutorial.

Raspberry Pi + Docker + RTL-SDR
Raspberry Pi + Docker + RTL-SDR