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PLSDR: A Python Based SDR App with RTL-SDR Support

Programmer P. Lutus has recently released a new Python based software defined radio application that he calls "PLSDR". PLSDR is a full receiver, with spectrum and waterfall displays, a frequency manager, and support for multiple modes such as AM/FM/SSB/CW. Being Python based PLSDR supports both Linux and Windows. Compatible hardware includes the RTL-SDR, HackRF and SDRplay, however Lutus notes that he could only get the SDRplay working on Linux.

The PLSDR download page also contains various bits of information about the DSP math behind designing the SSB demodulator. Essentially he found that no online examples of GNU Radio based SSB demodulators were correctly implemented, so he decided to research and implement his own design. He also notes that PLSDR was designed by initially prototyping each function in GNU Radio first, before moving it over to Python. This approach allowed him to easily check his fundamental design before optimizing it for Python. If you are interested Lutus also has a very useful page dedicated to explaining the DSP basics behind SDRs.

PLSDR is fully open sourced and available on GitHub. Exploring the code may be a good way to learn about SDR concepts.