TechMinds: A Brief Review of the SDR 101, a Clone of DeepSDR 101

The DeepSDR 101 V1 was a handheld software defined radio with built in LCD screen, a tuning range of 100 kHz - 149 MHz, and a bandwidth of 192 kHz. It appears to be an original design by Chinese company Hangzhou Minghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Currently the DeepSDR 101 Version 1 has been discontinued while they work on Version 2. However, recently clones called the "SDR 101" have begun appearing on various marketplace sites. 

In his YouTube video, Matt from the TechMinds video checks out one of these SDR 101 clones. Matt shows some HF reception, however has some issues with the PC USB connection. Ultimately Matt does not recommend the device, being a clone, having USB connection issues, and having mediocre performance for the price. Instead Matt would consider a Malachite-SDR instead.

SDR 101 - DSP Receiver That's Cloned More Than Dolly

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Dennis Hanley

Mine came from Banggood with a scratched screen and a loose encoder. Lack of narrow band FM means for the 2 metre band you have to choose AM. The internal speaker is crap.In my opinion its a load of rubbish.


Let’s be honest here, there are no original designs in china. They copied it from somewhere else. Your average chinese “engineer” can’t design his way out of a paper bag, but he can create many garbage-level copies and clones of already-designed products. This is one constant in our universe.

Bob the MAN

Yeah- just like the Japs. All they do is copy American stuff! Cheap cars and electronics!

Imagine the Japs, Koreans, or Chinese trying to make a really good car like my Chevy Nova! HA HA!

And Sony or Samsung making a TV as good as my old RCA? Ferget it!

Best to stick with good well-made American products Like GM and Chrysler!

MAGA! USA! USA! Guts, Glory, RAMEN ! .

Ladislav OK1UNL

Me using SDR RX Afedri LAN-IQ. Fantastic,reliable, excellent technical support.
I must recommend it for your attention.

Kenny C

I like these stand alone SDRs with spectrum & waterfall, I want to see mainstream shortwave radio brands put some out with better quality than what is reviewed in the article, companies like CCrane, Sangean, Tecsun, even Alinco, Kenwood, Icom & Yaesu, too, I have a few SDRs that depend on a laptop or desktop to use but I prefer a radio that has its own touchscreen