TechMinds: Taking a look at the ADALM Pluto

Over on his YouTube channel Tech Minds has uploaded a video where he overviews and demonstrates the ADALM PLUTO (aka PlutoSDR).  The PlutoSDR is a low cost RX/TX full duplex capable SDR with up to 56 MHz of bandwidth and 70 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. It is typically priced anywhere between US$99 - US$149 depending on sales.

In the video Tech Minds explains the specs and features of the PlutoSDR, analyzes the included antennas, shows how to connect to the PlutoSDR via USB/Ethernet/WiFi and finally demonstrates the unit running on SDR-Console V3 receiving and transmitting signals.

He also notes how he modified his unit and installed a more stable TCXO. This is required as he intends to use the unit for QO-100 SSB satellite operation which requires a very stable signal. In addition to the TCXO mod he also performed a mod to improve the grounding on the unit which reportedly prevents the unit from locking up when using long long network cables and a USB to Ethernet adapter.

ADALM PLUTO Full Duplex Software Defined Radio



  1. Syl Harris

    And don’t forget about the China tariff adding about $28 more to the list price and usually not disclosed until after an order is placed.

  2. Rui

    “up to 56 MHz of bandwidth and 70 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range”. Where did you get these numbers?
    On their website:
    Tuning range: 325 MHz – 3.8 GHz
    2.4 Hz LO step size
    Tunable channel bandwidth: 200 kHz – 20 MHz
    Variable output data rates: 61.44 MSPS – 65.1 kSPS
    USB 2.0 (included in the Zynq) streams up to 4MSPS with no dropped samples

    70 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range are hackrf numbers, aren’t they?

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