UnoSDR: A New Multi-Mode RTL-SDR Compatible Receiver Program

Programmer Vi Vitaliy recently wrote into us and wanted to share his new ‘UnoSDR’ software defined radio receiver software for Windows. This is a general purpose multi-mode receiver which is compatible with the RTL-SDR. The blurb reads:

UnoSDR is a simple, modern, intuitive interface, small and fast PC-based DSP application for Software Defined Radio (SDR). It’s written in C++ and Qt Quick cross-platform framework. Typical applications are Shortwave listening, Ham Radio, Radio Astronomy and Spectrum analysis.

UnoSDR supports both the RTL-SDR and soundcard based SDRs. With the RTL-SDR UnoSDR must be run via an rtl_tcp server. The software is for the Windows platform, but it seems that there is also an Android version, although this may not yet support the RTL-SDR as we could not get it to connect to our rtl_tcp server.

We tested the Windows version and it ran well despite a few glitches with trying to get the software to connect. There is also a bit of a delay when tuning due to the use of rtl_tcp, and the delays that using a network stream entail even when connected to the localhost. Also we only saw support for AM, USB, LSB and WFM modes. The other modes may be added later as the software still appears to be in development.


unosdr v1.0.8 rtlsdr intro2

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I tried downloading SDRUNO but had to stop when I didn’t see a serial number for my RTL-SDR V3. Any Ideas on how to get around this. Also I’m running Windows 11.


This is very confusing.

Doesn’t the SDR software bundled with the SDR Play have the same name?


It is a different name. SDRUno comes bundled with SDRPlay.

UnoSDR vs SDRUno … who would get confused with that? 🙂


One uses DSP and the other uses RSP, it should be very easy to tell them apart.