Wintelive YouTube Demo

Over on YouTube use radiosification has uploaded a video showing the Windows TETRA decoder ‘wintelive’ in action. Wintelive is a Windows port of the popular RTL-SDR compatible Linux based ‘telive’ TETRA decoder. Back in October 2016 we posted about its release and we have a tutorial for telive and the RTL-SDR available here

The install instructions for wintelive are available on the authors webserver.

TETRA decoding on Windows!

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Joe Blasco

OK one needs to install vc 2016 x86 too along vc 2016 x64 and there will not be any .dll problem, Program finally works , very promising but still work has to be done as audio most of the time is terrible


…you mean the VC++ 2015 Redist right? Does the VC++ 2016 Redist work?


it’s 2015

Joe Blasco

The video from radiosification is just for laughs, doesn’t provide any real info, there is some info on about installation and use from the creator “cURLy bOi” but by no means is complete. The program suffers from the “Unable to load DLL ‘libtetradec.dll’:” so it won’t work in many comps. I wished someone would take the time and make a real installation and usage video…