Wirelessly Activated Facial Recognition with a Raspberry Pi, Camera and RTL-SDR Dongle

Over on his blog and YouTube channel Trevor Phillips has shown us how he's created a wirelessly activated facial recognition system using a Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi camera, wireless button and RTL-SDR dongle.

He uses a handicap door button with wireless transmitter that transmits at 300 - 390 MHz, and uses the RTL-SDR on the Raspberry Pi Zero to detect whenever the button is pressed. The button detection algorithm simply looks for an increase in RF energy via an FFT transform. Once a button press is detected by the RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi the camera and facial recognition software on the Pi activate, and a text to speech algorithm asks the button presser to face the camera for identification. If the face is recognized in the database the speech to text welcomes the user.

Facial recognition for less than $80

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Ben Barrett

Seems like this project is just begging to use the SDR as an additional authentication factor, perhaps decoding the unique ID’s of whatever wireless hardware the entrants carry around.

Bendail Vam

LOL no more bling for ring! Gots to lover when you can put some overpriced retail gadget kick to the curb.