OpenWebRX now Supports the Airspy HF+

Thanks to Stefan Dambeck for letting us know that there is now a fork of libairspyhf made by DL9RDZ which contains an adapted version of airspyhf_rx (the raw IQ generator). This enables the Airspy HF+ to be easily integrated into OpenWebRX.

If you weren't aware, OpenWebRX is a browser based SDR interface and server software that allows an SDR to be used by multiple people at the same time over the internet. It performs audio demodulation and compression on the server side allowing for very low and efficient network usage.  In this way it is different to Airspy official server solution SpyServer which sends the IQ data over the network. So an OpenWebRX server uses significantly less network bandwidth and might be more suitable for those on slower or capped internet connections.

At the moment we're not seeing any public HF+ servers available on the OpenWebRX database at, but this may change in the future.

Airspy HF+ Running on the OpenWebRX Web Browser Interface
Airspy HF+ Running on the OpenWebRX Web Browser Interface
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Albert Jacobs

He has no choice but to fork it if Yousef won’t allow/merge pull requests.

Alexandru Csete

I hope the author DL9RDZ intends to submit a patch to upstream, otherwise it was silly move to fork the library. In any case, I would advise people against installing the forked library from source, unless they know what they are doing (and how to uninstall it later).

Some of us spend many hours every month trying to help clueless users clean up their system of SDR libraries installed from source, which now are creating conflicts with binary packages.