A new HackRF Compatible SDR: Rad1o

Every four years the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Germany organizes a special hacker themed camp. For this years upcoming September camp they have announced that all participants will be receiving a special software defined radio called the “Rad1o”

The Rad1o is inspired by the HackRF, but seems to have several additional features. It has an operating frequency range of 50 MHz – 4000 MHz, an ARM Cortex M4 CPU, a color LCD screen, a 2.5 GHz ISM band PCB antenna, an audio connector for headphone and microphone connections and an on board battery for portable use. It is also fully compatible with HackRF software.

They write that the Rad1o is not for sale at the moment, and that the only way to get one right now is to attend the camp. If there is enough interest after the camp they will consider producing a second manufacturing run. Despite that, all hardware design files appear to be open source and available at https://github.com/rad1o. More information about the Rad1o can be found here.

The Rad1o, a HackRF compatible software defined radio.
The Rad1o, a HackRF compatible software defined radio.
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