A Self-Executable version of TempestSDR is now Available

TempestSDR is an open source tool made by Martin Marinov which allows you to use any SDR that has a supporting ExtIO (such as RTL-SDR, Airspy, SDRplay, HackRF) to receive the unintentional signals radiated from a screen, and turn that signal back into a live image. This can let you view what is on a screen through a wall without using any physical cables.

We first posted a demonstration of TempestSDR back in 2017 when we were finally able to get it to compile. Compiling the software took a fair amount of work for those without experience, and even running it was a chore. However, getting it to work is worth it as you can do some really interesting demonstrations.

However these problems are over and recently Erwin Ried @eried has made a self-executable version of TempestSDR. This means that no compilation, java installs, mingw or extra dlls are required to get the program to work as now it's just an exe that you can run. You will still need the appropriate ExtIO dlls for your SDR. The video in his twitter post shows it working with a HackRF.


  1. Adam

    Yeah i am having the same issue with this as other people. It will not let me choose a different .dll. I bought an airspy because i wanted higher quality intercepts and now it is not working.

  2. WacKEDmaN

    …this is poor form… for a tool that can be used for hacking it should have never been released as an exe, letting any joe blow use it… instead of learning how it works..why it works.. and compiling it yourself (if you cant complile it yourself you shouldnt be using it to begin with)

  3. Michael

    Does this work with the RTL v3 dongle? I don’t have a HackRF or the experience to get the other version of Tempest working

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