Airspy 30% Off Black Friday Sale Coupon Now Active

Airspy have recently announced on Twitter that they are holding a 30% off Black Friday sale that runs from November 26 to December 2. The coupon is apparently valid from all their distributors which can be found on their purchase page.

Airspy sell a range of software defined radios. The HF+ Discovery is one of the best low cost HF SDRs we've tested, and the Airspy Mini and R2 are good wide band VHF/UHF radios that are a step up from RTL-SDRs. The SpyVerter is a good upconverter that is also compatible with RTL-SDRs, and can be used with the bias tee on the RTL-SDR Blog V3.

The sale brings the pricing down to the following prices in USD (plus shipping costs):

Airspy HF+ Discovery: $169 $118.30
Airspy HF+ Dual: $199 $139.30
Airspy Mini: $99 $69.30
Airspy R2: $169 $118.30
SpyVerter: $49 $34.40

This is probably the cheapest pricing we'll see all year, and last years Black Friday sale was only 15% off, so now's a good time to purchase if you were interested in these products as this is the cheapest pricing we've seen yet.

Airspy Black Friday Sale
Airspy Black Friday Sale
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Hi! When will the next sale be? Missed this due to


OK, just tried variations of the popup, “awardwinning2019” wotked on the chineese website
You have to add P&P which is ~4.50 $ standard and ~24.50 $ with DHL to Europe.


I rechecked some stores have added the rebate some not.
The chinese site is still without rebate.
US only about 15%, In Europe for those stores that applied the rebate price with VAT (~19%) is still ~109US$ .
If there is acoupond code that has to be entered which is it for Black Friday 2019, because while I get a popup when I go to airspy it doesn’t state what the coupun code is.


In the Netherlands the HAM shop now sells them for Black Friday prices:


I was finally able to enter coupon at the china site. yip yar a hf discovery+ on the way


I wonder ifprice are really discounted if the US store will also ship to Europe.
 Greg I get a popup for Black Friday but prices are not discounted as stated above.


Anyone tried the Black Friday offer? I went almost to the pay now screen and wasnt given the option of entering the code “awardwinning2019”. Anyone had any luck with this?


I’ve purchased from using the coupon code no problem.


What a shame.
I already own the original Airspy and Spyverter and I was prepared to upgrade, primarily to address the frequency stability of the Spyverter.
However on reading the comments on ITEAD – which is where I bought the units from originally – they appear to have been sending out Spyverter V.1’s instead of the new unit.
Also the current consumption seems to be inconsistent with the manufacturers design.
Ultimately it has caused me not to upgrade.
It’s not about the money I suppose, it’s more about the hassle and the feeling of being disappointed with a product that I really admire.
Maybe someone can help me clarify this problem.


Hey guys, does anyone know when is the next sale? I have been following their activity for almost half a year, but I didn’t see any advertising about their sales season. Or maybe anyone knows if they have discounts on ? How do you guys follow them to be updated with all their offers? I’d like to hear some life hacks on this subject. Can anyone share their positive experience with this page? Thanks, I’m looking forward to hearing any tips and pieces of advice! Don’t forget that sharing is caring, lol.