Big Airspy Sale for US Customers: $149 Airspy R2, $99 Airspy Mini, $39 Spyverter

To celebrate the fourth of July, the US distributor of Airspy is throwing a sale. The prices are the lowest we’ve ever seen for any Airspy product before. Currently the sale price for an Airspy R2 is $149 (vs $199), $99 for Airspy Mini (vs $114) and $39 for the Spyverter. Unfortunately the sale only appears to be occurring with the USA distributor, and is not available for international customers.

If you’re interested in these products see our previous review on the Airspy R2 vs HackRF vs SDRplay, review of the Airspy Mini, and our review of the SpyVerter. In short the consensus from our reviews is that the Airspy is an excellent product. The Spyverter is also the best upconverter we’ve tried, and is an excellent choice for an upconverter for any other non Airspy SDR, such as an RTL-SDR. And at this price it is even cheaper than most of the alternative options like the ham-it-up.


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that sucks…


Your elders didn’t want you to SDR.


In practice of course, prices in th UK are effectively being increased, courtesy Brexit.