Airspy Black Friday Deals Now Active

Airspy have released their black Friday 2020 deals today with 30% off. Back in 2019 we saw that the black friday deals were the best time to purchase an Airspy and we don't expect pricing to get cheaper than this. Links to their distributors can be found on

Airspy sell a range of software defined radios. The HF+ Discovery is one of the best (if not the best) low cost HF SDRs we've ever tested, and the Airspy Mini and R2 are good wide band VHF/UHF radios that are a step up from RTL-SDRs. The SpyVerter is a good upconverter that is also compatible with RTL-SDRs, and can be used with the bias tee on the RTL-SDR Blog V3.

The sale brings the pricing down to the following prices in USD (plus shipping costs):

Airspy HF+ Discovery: $169 $118.30
Airspy Mini: $99 $69.30
Airspy R2: $169 $118.30
SpyVerter R2: $49 $34.30

Frugal Radio has also uploaded a short video regarding the sale. 

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Bought the R2 and spyverter on the black friday sale believing it to be a good time to get into SDR radios. Now I see that they discontinued the R2 right afterwards. I could have purchased one of the now current units for the same total RF coverage and probably less cost. Not impresed with SDRPlay!


Doh ! I bought an Airspy Mini one month ago, I should have waited one more month to make my purchase !
Or I should just NOT have bought an Airspy !

You see, I wanted to upgrade from my “classic” RTL-SDR V3 (which works perfectly), and 5 MHz BW and 12 Bits ADC sounded like a step up, well…
Just plugged my freshly received Mini, “Drivers not found”, so much for the seemingly Plug&Play… (Desktop W7 specially installed for radio stuff)

Installed the drivers and eagerly launched SDR#, well I wanted to test it on a trunked LMR maintained by a friend (top notch stuff, analog FM but GPS synchronised network)

With the same signal, feedline, antenna and all, swapping between the RTL-SDR and the Airspy Mini, I have in average 5 SNR points less on the Mini !
And this is in Sensitive Gain mode with the cursor at 14 (sweet spot, the max before it start to be too much gain…)
In Linear mode with the cursor at the default of 12, I lose 11 SNR points compared to the RTL V3 !!!

Granted, the signal is much cleaner on the Airspy, no more aliasing and ghosts signal (they creep up a bit at 14 in Sensitive mode thought…)

As an RF professional, I prefer selectivity (and spectral purity) to sensitivity, and it’s always a dilemma and a trade-off, but loosing 11 SNR point with a “so-called” superior Airspy model, is just too much to be worth it !

And with the roll-off in SDR# at 6 MSPS you only have 4.5 (and not really 4.8) MHz of really clean and uniform bandwidth ! Better with 2 RTL-SDR to cover 4 MHz, or maybe just buy an RSP1A… (which I intend to test soon too to do some comparison)

just one clarification, I work in an ESD-safe lab, so it is not static electricity fault ! Either this design is bad, or they delivered me a defective model (purchased on ITEAD…)

Buyer Beware…

BTW, as a side note, the build quality of the RTL-SDR V3 and (especially) the dipole antenna, have declined, the finish seems more “rough/coarse” and several V3 from 2018-2019 were able to maintain a 0.75 ppm accuracy, the models I just bought last month seems to only maintain a 1.5 ppm accuracy…

The “Chrome” coating on the antennas peels off after a few days of use too…
Maybe it’s due to Covid, they can’t achieve the same “quality-control” as before… too bad but still cheap enough for “attritable” test componants…
On the plus side, DHL shipping is probably too expensive for the amateur tinkerer, but wow, 5 days to receive the stuff is amazing given the pandemic.

I’m curious to hear anybody feedback on this subject


$118.30 USD = 99 euro … all shops sell more then 150 euros …

Before it was 1 USD = 1 euro … now worst then ever ! Black friday for US !

DJMota sends to over the world.


Correct the European prices are a bit higher, but you did not consider that VAT and shipping & handling will be used by custom agencies to calculate custom tax, once the shipment is checked by custom officers.