Akos Tests the RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Kit

Over on his blog 'Radio For Everyone' Akos has been testing out our multipurpose dipole kit for ADS-B reception. He goes over each of the components in the kit and does some tests with the kit set up outside. His results show that the dipole kit when used with the smaller antennas can compete favorably with the more expensive FlightAware antenna. We note that the dipole antenna is not designed to be used outdoors for extended periods of time as Akos did as they are not weather proofed for rain. The antennas are designed to be used temporarily outside in good weather conditions. Waterproofing could potentially be achieved by oiling the metal, or potting with hot glue etc.

Akos also does a comparison of the dipole used in two configurations. In one configuration the antenna is used in the recommended vertical orientation, and in the other position in a bunny ears configuration. Antenna theory says that the vertical orientation will work best as ADS-B signals are vertically polarized, and the results confirm that that is true.

FlightAware Antenna vs Dipole
Akos' Results: FlightAware Antenna vs Dipole
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