GR-Con17 Talks: GPS Beamforming with RTL-SDRs, Direction Finding with RTL-SDRs on Android and much more

GRCon17 is the yearly convention all about GNU Radio and the talks are generally all about technical cutting edge developments in the software area of the SDR world. If you didn't already know, GNU Radio is an open source tool that makes implementing digital signal processing code significantly easier by providing a framework and several ready to use DSP blocks. It is an advanced tool used a lot in industry and research, but the visual nature of the blocks means that the basics can be easily learned in a few days. See Micheal Ossmans video tutorials for an excellent introduction.

This year at GRCon17 there were multiple interesting talks, and over the last few days videos of them have been released on YouTube. Slides for each presentation are also available in the YouTube description boxes. The full list of presentations can also be found on the Technical Processing page at GNURadio. A selection of our favorites videos are presented below, with several talks utilizing low cost RTL-SDRs as the core radio in the research.

GPS Beamforming with Low-Cost RTL-SDRs - Wil Myrick

In this talk Wil Myrick discusses how he's been using low cost RTL-SDR dongles to perform beamforming experiments with GPS signals.

Real-Time Direction Finding Using Two Antennas on an Android Phone - Sam Whiting

In this talk Sam Whiting shows how he used two coherent RTL-SDR dongles running on on an Android phone for direction finding. At the end of the video he demonstrates his results.

Hacking the Wireless World 4.0 - Balint Seeber

In this video Balint Seeber continues with his popular Hacking the Wireless World series of talks and this time talks about FMCW & Passive Radar and FPV decoding with SDRs.

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