Antennas Explained: Finding the Best Antenna for HackRF, RTL-SDR and Other Receivers

Over on YouTube sn0ren has uploaded a well produced video to help beginners to the radio hobby understand antennas. The video explains how antennas work in theory, and how to choose the best antenna for your SDR and application through calculations and use of a Nano VNA.

There is an essential gadget that you will want to get, to get the best antenna performance. But first we need to cover a bit of antenna theory, before we can answer the question of what antenna that is the best one for your HackRF Portapack, or Flipper Zero SubGHZ module, or Meshtastic, Quansheng UV-K5, RTLSDR or other radio devices. This video is covering the bare minimum basics of antenna theory for beginners into the radio hobby.

The best antenna for HackRF Portapack (and Flipper Zero, Meshtastic, Quansheng, RTLSDR, etc.)

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