BladeRF 2.0 Micro now supports up to 122.88 MHz of Bandwidth

A recent firmware upgrade to bladeRF SDR devices has brought with it a feature that allows it to double it's instantaneous bandwidth from 61.44 MHz all the way up to 122.88 MHz. The trade off limitation is that the 122.88 MHz bandwidth mode runs at a lower 8-bit ADC bit depth.

This increase bandwidth comes from a discovery made on the AD9361 RF transceiver chip which allows it to essentially be overclocked. However, outputting 122.88 MHz of RF bandwidth at the original 16-bit ADC depth would be impossible due to USB 3.0 bandwidth limitations. So the data is reduced to 8-bits, and then packed into the 16-bit buffer.

One of the use cases of such a wide bandwidth is that now the entire 79 channels of the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth band can be viewed at once.

The entire 2.4 GHz Bluetooth band visualized by a bladeRF with the new expanded bandwidth.
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Mikael Falkvidd

More info on how the higher sample rate is acheived: