YouTube Tutorial about using the BladeRF for Several Experiments

On YouTube user CrazyDanishHacker has been uploading some tutorial videos showing how to perform several experiments with the BladeRF. Some things he shows are GPS spoofing, broadcasting digital TV, getting 124 MHz bandwidth, using spectrum painter and how to use the BladeRF on Windows 10, Kali Linux and Ubuntu.

You might remember CrazyDanishHacker from our previous post where we posted about his in depth YouTube tutorial on GSM sniffing and cracking. That series now appears to be complete ending on episode #16 of his software defined radio series. The BladeRF tutorials start on episode #17.

The bladeRF is a $420 software defined radio which is capable of transmit and receive. It uses a LimeMicro LMS6002D chip, which has a 12-bit ADC and a tuning range of 300 MHz – 3.8 GHz. Along with the HackRF we eventually expect that it will be superseded by the upcoming LimeSDR.

BladeRF + SDR# on Windows 10 - Software Defined Radio Series #17

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