Building a Remote SSB Receiver with an RTL-SDR, OrangePi and GNU Radio

Over on his blog F1ATB has uploaded a post explaining how he created an RTL-SDR or HackRF based remote SSB receiver controllable with an internet browser. To set this up he uses an Orange Pi One Plus single board computer which runs several GNU Radio based digital signal processing flow graphs. Then a Python server serves a custom HTML and Javascript based web interface with waterfall that can be controlled remotely over the internet. In the post he explains the GNU Radio DSP flowgraphs that he's built, and notes that he will explain the HTML and Javascript side in another future article.

The SSB receiver block diagram
The SSB receiver block diagram
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Now the complete description of the remote SSB receiver with RTL-SDR is available. It adresses the signal processing with GNU Radio, the post processing in Javascript and the web interface. The sourge is available also on GitHub.
More on my blog:

73 F1ATB