Car Hacking in the Mr Robot TV Show Explained

Over on YouTube David Bombal has uploaded a video titled "Warning! This is how cars are hacked. Just like in Mr Robot." which explains how the car hacking scenes in Mr Robot worked. Mr Robot is a TV drama series about cybersecurity hackers, and it is known for portraying realistic hacks and scenarios. Back in 2019 we posted about an episode where they used a HackRF and Raspberry Pi to jam a garage door, before using the HackRF as an IMSI catcher. RTL-SDRs were also briefly used in some episodes.

David's video goes into greater detail about how realistic the hacking concepts displayed in the Mr Robot series are and if they would work in real time. In this video he goes into particular detail about car hacking. He uses a HackRF and RTL-SDR and demonstrates attacks like jamming, and signal replay.

This video is a part of a series exploring the hacks shown on Mr Robot. The full playlist can be found here.

Warning! This is how cars are hacked. Just like in Mr Robot.

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Amazing how deep the mainstream war propaganda goes. Anyone watching real reports from the war in Ukraine can observe Russian soldiers using encrypted radios.


It’s clear both are being used. Encrypted comms for the commanders, but the actual cannon fodder get Baofengs.


Commanders use both. Watch any video where they receive targeting corrections. They communicate using encrypted radios with the drone operators and give firing orders using unencrypted ones.

Dave H

I chuckle every time I see an ad showing a hacker sitting at his computer wearing a ski mask.

I guess that’s in case another one manages to hack into his webcam.