Decoding Taxi Mobile Data Terminal Signals with RTL-SDR

In this video YouTube user nerdsville shows decoding of Autocab mobile data terminal (MDT) signals. He also shows an example of the not yet decodable Auriga MDT signals at about 3:20 into the video. MDT’s are displays attached to taxis which are used to help taxis find transport jobs.

He uses SDRSharp, an rtl-sdr dongle and the Taxi MDT Decoder java program. More information about Taxi MDT Decoder can be found here.

Update: Nerdsville has done a writeup of his Taxi MDT Decoding video on his Radio Antics blog.

Taxi MDT Decoder - RTL-SDR

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Hi I used mdt taxi decoder on an old xp laptop with my ubc3300xlt but now can not get mdt to work on my windows 10 64bit laptop anybody know why? and can anybody help me please


The video quality is so very poor. It is not possible to see what he is actually using or doing.



Curt Rowlett - Strange Beacons

Does anyone know if the Taxi MDT Decoder has been used successfully to decode MDT data from taxis in the United States? And if yes, does anyone know what the frequency is used for mobile data terminal (MDT) signals in the United States? My online search has shown a frequency of 854.9625 MHz for several U.S. cities:

I’ve listened in on that frequency from my location in Seattle, Washington, but so far have not heard anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Emily Taylor

Yeah I used it with global tuners in vegas to decode a 800mhz public transit mdt channel. The only way to find em is to use a scanner in the area or view wideband waterfall on an sdr and jump around.


Hello, I just ordered RTL-SDR Dongle. The Taxi company I work for has stopped using Voice Transmissions couple of years ago. Now they send orders on the screens & drivers accepts the order.

Will RTL-SDR dongle still help me in any way ?