Hamradioscience.com’s Review of the SDRplay

The author of hamradioscience.com has posted a review of his thoughts on the SDRplay RSP software defined radio. The SDRplay is a SDR that is a $150 USD software defined radio that can be considered as a next stage level up from the RTL-SDR dongle. We consider it somewhat of a competitor to the Airspy SDR ($199 USD).

The review goes over the marketed specs, what you get in the box, software, support and its real world performance. The review is positive and the author concludes:

At the $150 price point there just isn’t much to complain about. The SDRPlay represents an excellent value in a low cost wideband SDR receiver. If you are currently considering getting involved with SDR radio, or want to trade up from the RTL dongle world, then the SDR Play should definitely be on your short list.

If you are interested in mid level SDR’s like the SDRplay then keep an eye out for our own review on RTL-SDR.com coming out in the next few weeks. We will be doing an in depth review and comparison of the Airspy, SDRplay and HackRF.


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