New Airspy Review from Radio User Magazine

Update: Note that we also now have our own comprehensive review available here which compares the Airspy, SDRplay RSP and HackRF.

A new review of the Airspy (store) software defined radio has been published by Mike Richards in the March 2015 edition of the Radio User magazine. Although the magazine is for sale, the publishers have allowed the Airspy team to release the review for free. The review goes over the Airspy architecture, features, use of the software and presents a favourable tone towards the Airspy.

The Airspy is an software defined radio that costs $199 USD and comes with a 24 – 1800 MHz tuning range, 10 MHz of bandwidth and 12-bit ADC.

Previously Mike Richards also reviewed the SDRPlay, a competitor to the Airspy in Radio User and that review is also available for download.

Airspy diagram from the Radio User magzine review.
Airspy diagram from the Radio User magzine review.
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I think it would nice if Airspy and the other makers of the SDR receivers would give what the receiver sensitive is . Micro Voltages or Milly voltages .


I think that with a general purpose SDR it is not easy to answer.
See this: