Analyzing the Radio Spectrum in Hong Kong with an RTL-SDR

Over on his blog, Gough Liu has made a post showing an analysis of the Hong Kong radio spectrum that he made while he was on a trip. In his analysis Gough used a locally bought DMB-T TV dongle (not RTL-SDR) for receiving digital TV and DAB+, a Dengen DE1103 for receiving AM and FM Broadcast and an RTL-SDR dongle for all other signals.

In his post Gough first talks about how he received DTM-B digital TV broadcast (similar to DVB-T and ATSC), and he does a full analysis of this service in another post. Next Gough talks about the Hong Kong digital radio DAB+ service and his finding where he saw that there was significant multipath selective fading in the DAB+ signal. He also found out that the HK DAB+ service broadcasts still images along with the audio.

Next Gough received the broadcast FM band and found that it was extremely crowded, providing poor distorted audio quality. He also attempted shortwave listening, but massive amounts of local interference prevented him from doing so.

Finally Gough took advantage of his harbour view hotel room to use his RTL-SDR to receive marine AIS transmissions. He used AISMon and OpenCPN to plot the boat positions on a map.

DAB+ Multipath Selective Fading in Hong Kong
DAB+ Multipath Selective Fading in Hong Kong
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