New SDR# Plugin Adds Support for Contour Shuttle USB Controllers

Contour ShuttlePro V2
Contour ShuttlePro V2

The Contour Shuttle Express and Pro V2 are USB controller accessories for PCs. They consist of a knob-like wheel with multiple buttons and they are designed as a keyboard replacement for improving the productivity of video/photo editors. However, several people have found them useful for controlling software defined radio receiver programs like SDR#.

Recently SDR# plugin developer Eddie Mac has released a new SDR# plugin that provides native support for the Shuttle devices from within SDR# itself. The plugin allows you to dynamically map the Shuttle's buttons and wheels to functions within SDR#.

Eddie also writes:

There was no wrapper available for Contours Windows SDK so I created a managed .NET wrapper around contours dll. If anyone wants to develop their own software for these devices I will happily provide them with my .NET wrapper for free as well as a demo app to instruct on its usage.

Contour Shuttle Plugin for SDR#
Contour Shuttle Plugin for SDR#
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OK1UNL Ladislav

That is fact. After unziping Contour plig-in only two files. First dynamic library .dll and second only .pdf manual for installation plug-in to SDRuno, Missing “magic line”
Exist right plug-in anywhere on net??? Thank you for help.
VY 73! Ladislav


Owe, that is a pity.
Just bought a contour that I would love to used with sdr#.
Hope the plug-in is still available somewhere.


Where I could find this plugin, creator drop support for SDR#, now it is only for SDRuno, but EXTIO users have no option to enable plugins 🙁