SDR# Plugin: FFT Window Screen Grabber

Recently Eddie MacDonald has been pumping out simple but useful plugins for SDR# including the SDR# Dark Mode and Visual Tuner Knob plugins. Recently he released a new plugin called "FFT Window Screen Grabber". This plugin simply helps you to easily take a screenshot of the FFT and waterfall displays in SDR#. It could be a useful plugin if you are constantly finding interesting signals that you want to document, or upload to

The plugin can be downloaded from his thread in our forums. Note: Updated plugins now available at

FFT Window Screen Grabber example screenshot
FFT Window Screen Grabber example screenshot
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Eddie MacDonald

Hello ‘Anonymous’,

I am maintaining several plugins at once and only started to program plugins a few weeks ago. There is a learning curve to programming them. I try to do my best to ensure bug free plugins, but having only one operating system to try them on makes it hard to catch all the bugs that might show up.

This is why I work with the users in the forums to perfect my skills and to provide simple, free plugins to add functionality to SDR#

I check the forum several times a day and am in correspondence through email with over 50 users all of whom have some great ideas and some of them help me beta test them.

Please keep in mind, that this is something I do in my spare time. I do work full time and have a wife and children also.

Coding takes time and requires a learned skill set.
If you take part in the forums here perhaps it may clarify some issues you may be experiencing. I do apologize if you don’t find them useful.

However, you are not required to pay for these plugins nor are you required to use them, if you do and are unhappy, you can request changes or report bugs in the forum or by emailing me directly. I will always try to respond as soon as possible.

With that said I wish you a good day and thanks you for you comment.


Ah,I see what you mean now.
If you go to the rtlsdr forum he is active on it and listening to the users.
If you let him know what is wrong with the plugin ,it will be rectified .
Hope this helps you ?


How about first fixing the old plugins before releasing new ones?


Hi anonymous
Eddie is a programmer with fresh new ideas ,thus brand new plugins recently released,available to all to use in SDR#.
Think you have the wrong programmer in mind.


No, the Dark Mode Plugin is not working correctly, so why not not taking care of this first, rather than throwing someting new with possible bugs to the people?