Leif SM5BSZ’s Testing of the SDRplay

Over on YouTube Leif (SM5BSZ) has uploaded two videos showing some of his tests with the SDRplay. Leif is fairly well known within the SDR community for writing the program Linrad and for doing various tests on different SDR’s on YouTube and his website.

In his first video he first shows that the SDRplay has some susceptibility to USB noise and FM broadcast coming in through the USB cable which can cause some problems. He first shows that a quick fix is to simply coil up the USB cable to create a choke, and that a better fix is to wrap the SDRplay in aluminum foil. Later in the video he also tests dynamic range and reciprocal mixing.

In his second video he shows how he modifies his SDRplay unit to be properly shielded to avoid the USB and broadcast FM interference.

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Great videos! And the swedish accent he got is just making it even better! Thanks.