QSpectrumAnalyzer Updated to Version 1.4.0

QSpectrumAnalyzer is a Linux based opensource GUI front end for rtl_power or rtl_power_fftw and can be used with an RTL-SDR to scan for signal activity on wide swaths of the frequency spectrum. Recently QSpectrumAnalyzer was updated to version 1.4.0 and the new updates add the following features:

  • Max peak hold
  • Min peak hold
  • Averaging
  • Spectrum Persistence (RTSA fosphor-like effect)
  • Smoothing

Previously we posted about QSpectrumAnalyzers ability to use rtl_power_fftw, which is a much faster version of rtl_power. The new features help make the spectrum view clearer especially when using rtl_power_fftw at a very short interval.

qspectrumanalyzer_screenshot qspectrumanalyzer_screenshot2

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Carl Farrington

This is going to blow my mind when the LimeSDRs come out. Persistence is key.. literally 🙂