New GUI for rtl_power: QSpectrumAnalyzer

A new GUI for rtl_power has been released by programmer Mikos. Although there are already several rtl_power GUIs and spectrum analyser applications that exist, Mikos developed QSpectrumAnalyzer because he found that the alternatives were either slow, closed source or Windows only.

Rtl_power is a command line tool that can be used with an RTL-SDR to create a spectrum scan of a large swath of bandwidth that is greater than the RTL-SDRs maximum sample rate.

The project can be found at and Mikos is open to pull requests on GitHub.

QSpectrumAnalyzer GUI for  rtl_power
QSpectrumAnalyzer GUI for rtl_power


  1. Glen

    Anyone successfully install qspectrumanalyzer on a mac? Where are the recommended
    destinations for the python code ? Anyone used the pkgbuild script on a mac successfully?


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