TVSharp Updated to Version 1.2

The PAL/NTSC analogue TV viewer TVSharp has recently been updated to version 1.2. This new version features an updated GUI as well as automatic frequency correction and automatic position correction. This may correct some of the scrolling and slanting problems seen in previous versions.

The latest TVSharp can be downloaded from here.

Word of warning: Chrome recognizes the download as malicious, however I have downloaded the file using FireFox and scanned it with Microsoft Security Essentials which found it to be clean.

TVSharp v1.2
TVSharp v1.2
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I just wish the algorithm did a better job at horizontal and vertical sync.

I bet this would have worked great if this technology existed in the 90s and even early 2000’s in some cable system where they scrambled analog TV by removing or reducing the sync pulse. This probably could have restored or stabilized the picture somewhat so teen boys wouldn’t be like “Hey i think I saw a boob!”


It looks clean to me 50 AV scanners say that it is clean.
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