Manual Installation of SDR#

Manual Installation of the RTL-SDR drivers with SDR# for the RTL-SDR

1) Download the RTL-SDR Drivers, and extract the rtlsdr.dll file from the x32 folder into the SDR# folder:

2) Download zadig from their website and place it into the SDR# folder:

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  1. Brian

    I have downloaded the Zip and extracted all the files but I have another app other than SDR# that I want to use. I can’t get the computer to recognize the folder I extracted the files to as a driver. would these files be relevant to any other SDR so were like GQRX or GURC? How do I make use of the dongle without SDR#?

  2. Jason Charney

    So the version of zadig.exe that install-rtlsdr.bat is incorrect. If you get a message say that Zadig is Corrupt or unreadable is is because, it’s not really an .exe but a file that probably contains an HTML 404 message or something. You’ll need to go to the Zadig website and install the program (which as of July 2019 is called zadig-2.4.exe manually into the sdrsharp-x86 folder. You can delete that other zadig.exe which isn’t the Zadig we need.

    • Johann Stieger

      Hi, I run zadig-2.4.exe and have replaced the driver for Bulk-In, Interface 0 with WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385 on Windows 10 1809 x64 but in SDR# v1.0.0.1703 when I select RTL-SDR(USB) I can’t see the device in “configure source” and when I press the play button I get the error “no device selected”. I have tried the x32 and the x64 Version of rtlsdr.dll from 2014 but also the x32 and x64 Version of librtlsdr.dll from the 14. of July 2019. When I use rtl_test.exe I don’t get any error.

  3. anonym8

    Works great for me. I suspect that most these comments are malfunctioning people. Computer only does what you tell it.

    • Allan Watson

      The original article in “Silicon Chip” magazine, May 2013, mentions XP and Windows 7 installations. Unfortunately, the SDRSharp installation requires .NET Framework, but when I try to install it I am told that it is not supported on XP. My Windows 10 version on my laptop works perfectly, as does the Android app on my phone.

      • admin

        SDR# upgraded to a more modern .NET version which doesn’t support XP a long time ago. Unfortunately it’s way too old for the new code. Some alternative software options for XP are HDSDR and SDR-Console V3.

  4. Dude who can't get it right

    I’ve tried every trick I can find here. I can’t get the bat file to load peoperly. Zadig has 0 bytes in it and won’t run because of this. I tried to download the stuff manually and still no joy. I can see why people are getting frustrated. I’m beginning to wonder if its worth it myself.

    • admin

      I just checked the bat file and it’s still functioning correctly. If you’re having trouble with it it’s likely that your on a misconfigured or locked down system, or your Antivirus is blocking it. Either way a manual install should work if you can’t get the bat file to download the files. When you run a manually downloaded zadig, what happens?

  5. Jack

    Too complicated set up compliance,go here go there if not wait go back,does not work for me very dissapointed,going back to my Yaesu tranceivers.

  6. Tom Beattie

    On Win2008 server I cannot seem to get the gear to open for device selection. Drivers install fine. Still can’t make it work. Been fiddling with this for days.

  7. Stephen Eyles

    I’ve installed the SDR and got it working on my home PC but when I try on my work laptop I can’t run Zdiag.exe – I think it must be locked down as I am not an Administrator.

    Is there any way to get around this without going through the procedure of justifying SDR to the company IT gurus etc. and getting them to help me install it?

    Thanks for all your support and assistance!

  8. HL

    Probably the SDR# cant see the installed C++

    Because I installed another radio from :
    And the installer put on a C++ automaticaly.
    Earlier the rtl_test gives this message: ” No supported device found”
    But now said this:

    Found 1 device(s):
    0: Realtek, RTL2838UHIDIR, SN: 00000001

    Using device 0: Generic RTL2832U OEM
    Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
    Supported gain values (29): 0.0 0.9 1.4 2.7 3.7 7.7 8.7 12.5 14.4 15.7 16.6 19.7
    20.7 22.9 25.4 28.0 29.7 32.8 33.8 36.4 37.2 38.6 40.2 42.1 43.4 43.9 44.5 48.0
    Sampling at 2048000 S/s.

    Info: This tool will continuously read from the device, and report if
    samples get lost. If you observe no further output, everything is fine.

    Reading samples in async mode…
    lost at least 108 bytes

  9. HL


    I just try to install and use the DVB-T+FM+DAB dv3 (820T2 & SDR)
    I use Win 7.
    It seems I can install the driver by Zadig… the insatalled driver WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385 usbid: 0BDA 2838 00
    But the SDRSharp (SDR#) can’t see the device. At the configure source’s Device is grey (empty)
    When i hit the run button I got : No device selected.
    I set the RTL-SDR (USB) before for source.

    Thank You in advance!

  10. Jimmy

    My rtl Sdr 2838 works fine on my Android tablet. Tried downloading all drives and software so I can operate it on my Acer aspire x desktop with 2.34ghz processor and Windows 8 . I had no luck . What am I doing wrong . Have sdr Sharp . Keeps saying no device found . And looked in devices and rtl sdr driver isn’t installed . Help please

  11. n3mmr

    AirSpy’s sdr# distro still uses the old, no longer functional, url in install-rtlsdr.bat.
    Modify accordingly.

    Also, if you have an x64 windows distro of sdr#, you should look for the dll in the x64 subfolder, not the x32.

  12. Frank M Koerber

    Is there a simple step-by-step guide to installing the drivers and software on windows 7?

  13. Milt

    To clarify couple of things in a question I just asked. I am operating Win 10, 64 bit and the actual message I get is “DRIVER INSTALLATION FAILED (COULD NOT ALLOCATE RESOURCE).

  14. Milt

    When I hit the “Replace Driver” button, I get a message: Download failed, “could not allocate resource.” How do I work around this?


    I just bought an android stereo for my car. My goal is to use the SDR as scanner and Shortwave receiver as an added feature in the radio. The radio runs android 5.1 and is not rooted. The driver installs good, but doesn’t work. As soon as I open any app and tries to deal with the driver, the program just disconnect. However I tested another app that doesnt use the driver (the one that tracks planes) and works pretty good. How can I make the SDR driver work om android 5.1?

  16. Simon

    OK I just bought 2 V3 USB RTL-SDR radios. One works.
    In Zadig the one that works shows up as RTL2838UHIDIR Wheras the one that doesnt shows up as
    RTL2832U. I used the same procedure on both to change the drivers. The one that doesnt work gets a response of ‘Cannot access RTL device in SDR Sharp. How can I fix it.?

  17. anonymous

    in sdr# software in the rtl sdr controller it is showing device is unknown and i cannot set the RF gain. what to do?

    • Jon Kreski

      Did that. SDR# runs and works although if I select a new Frequency Manager selection, etc. the waterfall doesn’t change and the audio doesn’t change – unless – I turn the software off and on again – and then it works on the new freq in tandem. Also – when it loads the RTL-SDR USB driver the software only shows a Generic radio and that works as above. This is on a new PC. On my old PC it shows the actual RTL-SDR instead of a Generic radio.

  18. Henk Oegema

    I can’t install the driver for my NooElec R820T SDR & DVB-T NESDR Mini on my Windows7
    The USB ID: 0BDA 2838 00
    As device I choose: Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)

    In the Driver field is written: WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) => WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385)
    i.s.o. RTL2832UUSB( => WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385)

    What is my problem?

  19. Jason

    The link to /trac/raw-attachment/wiki/rtl-sdr/ is not responding. Is the server up today?

  20. Mike

    Installation is tricky but possible. Read the directions from the Quick Start Guide and follow them closely. Install your SDR# directory in C:\ not Program Files. When logged in as root, set that SDR# directory to have write permissions also (default read only). Then go into Norton or other antivirus and set an exception for your SDR# directory and all subfolders. It is key to make sure that the .bat installs properly. It seems the WinXP version zadig works in Win7 also.

    Not sure about Win10. It’s too new to support many programs and drivers so my sympathies. I’ll try it in a year or 2 when they work out the bugs and driver incompatibilities.

  21. Dennis Farr

    Unable to get RTL-SDR to work after upgrade to WIN10. Worked on same PC using WIN7. There is no .bat file in the SDR# zip file. Loaded and ran zadig.

    • admin

      What version of SDR# are you running? The latest versions come with the install-rtlsdr.bat file included in the zip, I just checked, it’s most definitely there.

      This page is to help you if the bat file won’t run on your PC for various reasons.

  22. Mike

    Norton claims that pthreadVC2-w32.dll is an “Insight Network Threat and has been removed. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe.”

    Threat name: WS.Reputation.1

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