Monitoring Military Aircraft with an RTL-SDR Part 2

Last month we posted about monitoring and logging military ADS-B data on It turns out that there is another service at that also does military ADS-B logging. One user of has recently uploaded a tutorial showing how to use a RTL-SDR to contribute to their logs. By contributing to their service you get a username and password to access members only sections of their site.

Contribution involves running an ADS-B decoder like RTL1090, sending the decoded data to Virtual Radar Server (VRS) and then using VRS to rebroadcast the data to their Mode-S Logger software.

Some Military ADS-B Logs
Some Military ADS-B Logs
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Is all that /30003 or what ever it is required? I am already getting data as usual to VRS, can’t I just use my existing receiver and re-broadcast that to them? I went through the whole tutorial on their PDF and I was seeing aircraft still showing up in the list view and they had GPS too but they were not showing up on the map. I refreshed and still those few ones had GPS and refused to appear on the map. I had to revert everything to get my original receiver working again.


Milaircomms is now gone for good it seems. I had been supplying data from my dongle to them, worked perfectly. I tried the same with the .eu site, but I kept getting a lot of false positive IDs of aircraft. Not sure what the problem is, worked fin with the milaircomms logger.


How to add receiver location?