moRFeus Half Price Sale: $99 Signal Generator and Frequency Mixer

moRFeus is a low cost wideband signal generator and frequency mixer. It can be used to generate a tone anywhere from 85 MHz to 5400 MHz, and can also be used as a frequency mixer, allowing you to implement upconverters and downconverters. In past posts we've reviewed and seen it being used as a PC based signal generator with open source GUI's, downconverter, CW generator, and most recently as a tracking generator for measuring filters and antenna VSWR.

Currently Outernet are having a half price sale on the moRFeus. Normally it's US $199, but now with the coupon code "rtlsdrblog" it's only US $99. The sale only lasts until Saturday 09 June 2018, so get in fast if you want one.

moRFeus can be purchased from the Outernet store.

Update: Please note that the sale has now concluded.

moRFeus coupon "rtlsdrblog"
moRFeus coupon "rtlsdrblog"
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Pertti Laine

“Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered” , so obviously the discount does not work in Finland.


Thank you to all that help getting the Webpage for orders working again.


Unfortunately, “We don’t offer shipping to Russia.”


Just placed an order at 99 USD + 20 USD shipping to Italy.
Hope that VAT and customs fees will not kill my piggybank.

Terry Gaff

Successfully ordered from Ireland. Many thanks.


I tried again tonight (Germany P&P works ) but the Discount code is still invalid (I tried capital and small letters for the code). It’s always “Your cart does not meet the requirements for the RTLSDRBLOG discount code”

Even without knowing more about e.g. spectral purity, I would have oredered it to test it myself. Judging from the previous posts of unsucesfull orders, I assume it just Marketing Hoax to fish for buyers outside the US. It is their right to restrict the offer to the US, but than they should clearly state it and be honest about it and not waste time of People.

Terry Gaff

I’ve no doubt that ordering at full price will be successful, from anywhere in the world. If the offer is indeed confined to the USA, it should be clearly stated. However, at least one poster below seems to have ordered successfully with the coupon from France.
Also, AFAIK, this site is operated from New Zealand ?? So why assume the offer is confined to the USA ?
Frankly, I would have expected more from…. a highly regarded SDR website. Perhaps the issue can be sorted out and the deadline extended so many can purchase with the coupon ? Including me 🙂


Beeing able to ordering/buying from a Website is one thing, but if a product is really sent to you another. This happened to me on Amazon, and the product is still offered for sale.


I have the same issue of cart not meeting said requirements from South African address

Terry Gaff

Looking to order a morfeus with rtlsdrblog promo code from Ireland. I’m having the same issue… ‘Cart doesn’t meet the requirements..’. Any advice ?

Kenneth Jenkins

The discount code RTLSDRBLOG at the Outernet site for the 1/2 off on morRFeus doesn’t work: “Your cart does not meet the requirements ….. “


it didn’t work for me either


same here

Terry Gaff

Can I use one of these to downconvert S-Band to say.. L-Band or UHF ?


Any information on the spectral purity of the signal generator?


Bought it!


Cant ship to Singapore.


Just ordered one with the coupon with shipping to France…

francois jouan

seems impossible to order/deliver to France ?
Am I right ?
[email protected]


same problem with shipping to Germany . Didn’t try without coupon code…


Yes, they fixed it. BTW: Shipping cost to Germany 20 USD


“The sale only lasts until Saturday 09 May 2018, so get in fast if you want one”


Got mine finally in the UK – customs and processing added £23

Terry Gaff

Got mine in Ireland yesterday…. charges were 49 EUR ! Even though I paid $99 + $20 postage, Outernet quoted the ‘value’ as the full price ($199) on the label, and I was billed by customs and VAT accordingly.