New ExtIO for the HackRF and HDSDR

We’ve received a note from reader Tim about a new ExtIO module available for the HackRF and HDSDR. ExtIO stands for External IO, and is a special DLL file that allows HDSDR and other software to access hardware like the HackRF.

To use it, simply copy the HackRF ExtIO dll file into the HDSDR directory, and select it when opening HDSDR. The module currently supports 2, 4, 8, 10, 12.5, 16 and 20 MSPS sample rates. We tested it briefly on our own HackRF and it ran just fine at all sample rates.

The module is available on GitHub and it’s current binary release can be downloaded here.

The HackRF running in HDSDR.
The HackRF running in HDSDR with the new ExtIO Module.
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Any updates since then? Would be great to add filter width tuning to eliminate aliasing and ghost channels


все работает супер,на прием вообще класс, осталось прилипить ТХ. и протестить, нет ни у кого там случаем ?


I’m still having trouble with windows 10 and SDR Sharp where the screen freezes when I stop and try to play. I was looking for an alternative.


I tested this on the Nooelec Nesdr Smart. Don’t do it.


Does anyone know if upgrading the firmware to the new 2015.07.2 release will cause any issues with this ExtIO?